Tamaki College Science Extravaganza

This is the Tamaki College Science Fair (2012) page. Students will make regular postings on their progress with their research projects and we welcome advice, guidance and feedback.

The students are currently in Year 9 and 10 (Form 3 and 4) and are developing research projects of their own choosing and we have quite wide and varied areas of interest. some have chosen to work in pairs and two have decided to complete their research on their own.

The students

Kim Darbyshire and Marion Josephs are interested in the effects of cell phones on biological systems.   Vaelei Lee Kum is interested in plant diseases
Tevita Masila and Tino Malol have a keen interest in music and want to find out whether loud music has an impact on activities that require focus (such as driving)   William Henry wants to research an aspect of physical training and interested in looking at the impact of negative and positive reinforcement on physical performances.

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