Posted by: utufiu | May 24, 2012

Viewing our Bacteria.

We have now learnt how to culture bacteria and measure the amount of bacteria on our agar plates. We swabbed our palms ( treated and untreated) 5 times with a cotton buds. We will then spread the it on the agar plate and wrap it to seal it just in case more bacteria gets in . After that we then put it in the incubator for 2-5 days for about 30 degrees Celsius.

So we now have a method for testing the hand sanitiser and soap after we have washed our hands.

5 days later we bring out the agar plates from the incubator and saw that the bacteria colonies have grown. We saw the bacteria in big bunches of colonies. We are so excited because this is the first time we’re seen bacteria. We then had a feeling this was going tto be very fun getiing our results


  1. That is wonderful! I would love to see pictures of the colonies, maybe we can get soem microbiologists to help tell what type of bacteria they are (although I would be quite scared to know myself! ha ha !)

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