Posted by: kimmeeee | May 17, 2012

We (Kim and Mar…

We (Kim and Marion) have slightly changed our “does make up affect peoples’ self esteem” project. First we will give some girls a test that we have made up, about their history with make up. There will be questions like, do you wear make up? do you think 13 year old’s should wear make up? etc. There will be four answers, strongly agree, agree, disagree, and strongly disagree, and the girls will have to pick one. Then, once they’re finished, we will mark their tests, and choose the one’s that pick strongly agree or strongly disagree for their answers. We will make up 30 girls, 15 from each strongly agree (SA) and strongly disagree (SD) and split them into 3 groups each, making 6 groups. On 2 of the groups (one from SA and one from SD) we will put no make up on, for 2 more groups we will put some make up on them, and for the last two groups we will put lots of make up on them. We will be the ones putting the make up on, and we will give them a certain amount of time to look at themselves. We will also be praising them as we put the make up on. We will then give them the test we found from the University of Maryland, The Rosenberg Self esteem scale. We would have given them this before we put the make up on them, so we will have two sets of the same test for each person, and we average and compare the results.











  1. This sounds like an interesting experiment. It looks like you have done quite a lot of planning. It is good to see you have a control group.
    Can this “Rosenberg Self esteem scale” test be administered be twice?
    What other things might you learn from their answers? Like does this testing method help you find who is vain? Does it make you think about who has family members who wear make up? What about who are their role models (like Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift)?
    Do all your sample girls go to the same school and do you think that matters? What about boys?
    What kind of makeup will you apply? Foundation? Lipstick? Blusher? Eye shadow and/or mascara? Which makeup items are the most important?

    • Um. We think the “Rosenberg self esteem scale” can be administered twice, why would we not be able to? Secondly, we are not sure what you mean and why we would need this info, all the people go to the same school, ours, and some of the boys in the classes wanted to do it so we let them. We are using foundation, lipstick, lip gloss for the group with less makeup, blusher, eyeliner, mascara. I think that’s all. We don’t know which is most important.

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