Posted by: kimmeeee | May 3, 2012

Kim and Marion…

Kim and Marion’s idea is to test if personal appearance (especially make-up) affects self confidence. We are thinking that we can find a test on line but we can’t find a good one yet.



  1. Hi Kim and Marion. This sounds like it will be a good research question when you have found that test. What kind of keywords are you using to search on the internet? Where are you searching? You might like to try talking to a librarian about keywords and places to search.
    I look forward to seeing your next post on this research.

    • Hi. We have been searching google and recently google scholar with the keywords like, “how to test peoples’ self confidence”, “What makes people confident” etc. We will take your offer and ask our librarian. Do you have any ideas about what our keywords could be?

  2. Hi Kim and Marion,
    I have been doing some digging and I found that searching for ‘self confidence’ on google returns quite useful results. I found this page from the University of Maryland in the USA where they show a test similar to what you might want to use:

  3. Oh my gosh, thankyou so much, it is exactly what we needed.

    • Glad to be of help :)

  4. thank you…

  5. Well, we started on putting make up on each other cause no one had volenteer to be one of our model.
    Marion even asked Mr Dewan if he could be one of our models
    We did really well.
    We were trying to see what it looks like by wearing less, full, none make up

    • Oh, how can we help you get some more volunteers? Have you thought about using adults? Perhaps the school teachers might be easier to persuade?

      • we decided that we are going to only do it on yr 9 students, and we are going to go around the classes getting volunteers.

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