Posted by: kubke | June 5, 2010

We have our first map

Hello everyone,
We have been quiet, but that does not mean we have not been working on the project. But up again with heaps of new information.
Our citizen scientists have been keeping us busy, and the number of sightings have made it increasingly difficult to work on the google docs worksheet. We are now working offline on the data and we have produced this ‘preliminary’ map of the sightings. As soon as the worksheet is cleaned up and double checked for errors it will be uploaded to google docs again so that everyone has access to all the data.

So, here is a first map. The locations are not the exact address of each sighting (we need to check on some privacy issues around that) but quite near to the actual location of the sighting.

You will notice that we have had a good coverage of reports of Tui, but also that the sightings are quite tied to population densities in New Zealand. This is to be expected, but of course creates a degree of bias in the data. And this is something that we need to take into account for the final analysis.

But when I look at the map, I have to confess I am really amazed at the amount of contributions that all of you have been producing, so a big pat on the back to all of the New Zealanders that are participating in the project.

We are now also analyzing in a bit more detail the demographics of the contributions, and those should be posted soon. We are still accepting contributions, so please continue to visit the site and stay in touch with the new things that will be happening!

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