Posted by: kubke | February 15, 2010

Citizen Science New Zealand goes camping

What happens when you put around 200 motivated people in a room and let them decide what to talk about? Well, if that happens in Warkworth, New Zealand, then it is Kiwi Foo Camp. Structured as an unconference, the group introduces itself to each other start talking and, one by one, session themes are proposed which slowly populate the empty schedule board on the wall. By the end of the first night, the slots are taken, and the conference schedule is set.

And so it is that Kiwi Foo happens. (Well, actually, Nat Torkington, Jenine Abarbanel and Russell Brown make this awesomeness possible in the first place). With invited attendees coming from very different backgrounds (software developers, politicians, media, artists, scientists, etc.) the discussions that emerge develop multiple and sometimes unexpected dimensions. And they don’t disappoint: they are energizing, inspiring and as awesome as the people that participate in them.

Citizen Science New Zealand was there, and one of the sessions centred around this project and Citizen Science in general. It was a great opportunity to step back from the every-day handling of the project and do some soul searching around the strengths and weaknesses of the Tui Project, discuss its level of success, and think about the future of Citizen Science New Zealand. We received great input and it was also great to have in the room some of our Citizen Scientists and cheer-leaders.

To all of those who participated in the discussion at Kiwi Foo, we would like to extend our thanks for your input, constructive criticism and ideas. To the rest of you, we invite you to provide us with your feedback on this comments page (or, if you want to do it privately, through our email account).

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