Posted by: kubke | January 26, 2010

We are back after a small unanticipated break!

Many of you may have noticed that the site went quiet for a few days….

The reason is that I went to a couple of conferences where I learned two important things:

  1. The wordpress site can be really slow when on limited internet band
  2. Although I love my new netbook, it is virtually impossible to fit a spreadsheet in its small screen

But I am now back with good internet and a larger screen and I  have updated all your entries. Over the next few days I will be double checking that there are no mistakes in the entered data (some of you have already picked up on some spelling mistakes on the google docs spreadsheet!).

Once again, we apologise for the silence, but we are back full strength to continue receiving your data!!! Keep it coming! I will be telling you about the wonderful things I learned at the conferences over the next few posts.


  1. Hi Fabiana, heard u on Radio NZ b4 Xmas, but have only just followed up on finding the blog. Have multiple sightings of our local Tui’s that I would like to share, but have not been able to navigate this site from my phone so will check out the blog again from home. Very interested in the Citizen Science concept & the Tui project as a perfect one for CS!
    Cheers, Geoff

    • Glad you found us! Hope to hear about your sightings soon!

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