Posted by: kubke | November 25, 2009

About the New Zealand Tui

Tūī (Prosthemadera novaseelandiae) is a common endemic bird of New Zealand, and can be found both in the bush as well as in urban and suburban environments.  They can be easily recognised by their magnificent song as well as by a very prominent patch of white feathers on their throat.

They are nectar feeding birds, although they are also know to eat invertebrates, and have an important role as pollinators.

Their beautiful song is filled with clicks and bell-like sounds, and it is said they can imitate a lot of other sounds in the environment.

Watch the video of a Tūī bird in all of its splendor:

Sources and more information can be found at:



  1. 5:50 p.m. on Wednesday, 6th January 2010. A tui flew into the pecan tree on our section, high up in the tree, but close to the deck where we were standing. It called a few times, then flew off to the west. Address 33 Wellington St, Papakura, in South Auckland. It is a suburban area, but close to a large park and only a few blocks from Kirk’s Bush, an area of native bush with many kauri trees. The tui called twice, then flew off towards the west (park area).

    • Thanks! I must vsit Kirk´s bush, sounds lovely!

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